Our Little Ones Gallery


Girls First Shoes

Maria Red Patent Shoes
'Margot, clearly very taken with her beautiful red Maria's, ready to visit Grandma Great.' Kate

Pageboy shoes

Alfonso Taupe Shoes
'To say I am thrilled would be an understatement; the shoes are perfect in every way.' Pippa Vosper

Green Childrens Booties

Matthew Green Booties
'Harry looooves his new shoes!' Kate

Maria_Red_Patent3Maria Red Patent Shoes

Bespoke Flowergirl Shoes

Bespoke Shoes
Thank you soooo much for the shoes. They were amazing and the girls loved them.' Jo

Bespoke Childrens Brogues

Bespoke Studded Brogues

Beige Patent Girls Shoes

Bespoke Girls Shoes

Najlah_Charcoal_SBNajlah Charcoal Shoes

Childrens Brogues

George Bronze Brogues
'Your beautiful shoes were passed down to him.' Eva

Mary Jane Childrens Shoes

Najlah Charcoal Shoes

Yellow Babies Booties

Jacob Yellow Booties

Girls Dessert BootsBobby Floral Booties

Girls Frilly Shoes

Jessica Fuchsia Shoes

Boys Ankle Boots

Matthew Dark Grey Booties
'Thank you so much Vevian xx.. I will be ordering some more for my little bubba :) xx' Jassie

Girls Suede Shoes

Emily Pink Suede Shoes

Thomas_BlueThomas Blue Sandals

Girls Mary Jane Shoes

Maria Red Patent Shoes

Boys Christening Shoes

George Bronze Brogues
'Received the shoes today- gorgeous!!! Thank you so much.' Emma

Bespoke Childrens Service

Bespoke Shoes
Maria loved helping make her shoes in our Bespoke Service.

Silver Booties

Matthew Silver Ankle Boots
'These booties even work in construction.' Alfonso

Matthew_Silver_SBMatthew Silver Ankle Boots

Boys Christening Shoes

George Bronze Brogues
'Thank you, again, for a treasure!' Elizabeth

Girls Red Patent Shoes

Maria Red Patent Shoes
'My little girl dancing away in her gorgeous red shoes xxx' Jessica

Pageboys Shoes

George Bespoke Brogues

George_BronzeGeorge Bronze Brogues

Special Event Childrens Shoes

Maria Red Patent Shoes
Yunho and Junsu, Chu - on the Red Carpet.

Silver Childrens Brogues

George Bespoke Silver Brogues
'Look what Ozzy insisted on wearing today!' Catherine

Pageboy Shoes

Matthew Green Booties
'THANK YOU SO much for the wonderful shoes. We had a magic day and the shoes were a hit with all!' Hannah

Unisex Childrens Ankle Boots

Matthew Silver Booties
'Thank you so much for Edie’s shoes, we love them, she has been wearing them to school everyday so far. They are SO beautiful.' Alice Amy&Ivor

Matthew Burgandy Booties

Christening Shoes

George Bronze Brogues
'Received a beautiful pair of shoes for my son's christening - thanks Vevian, your craftsmanship is amazing!! Love them!!' Leyla

Childrens Bright Shoes

George Brogues
Celebration in our shoes!

Unisex Childrens Shoes

George Silver Brogues
Cleo all grown-up and in her bespoke pair made especially for her.

Peach Shoes GirlsLeanne Salmon Floral Shoes

Boys First Shoes

Jacob Navy Booties
'They are amazing. Will have to order more soon. He just got into them at three months today. His grandfather says they are a work of art.' Shentel

Boys Christening Shoes

George Bronze Brogues
'Beautiful handcrafted shoes for a very special day! Many thanks!' Fabienne

First Boys Shoes

Jacob Navy Booties
'It's my son's 1st birthday and I wanted to gift him his first pair of shoes made by you!' Shilpi

Childrens Brogues

George Brogues
Bespoke shoes for both Thomas and Maria.

Pageboy Shoes

George Bespoke Tan Brogues

Unisex Ankle Shoes

Matthew Bespoke Blue Booties

Toddler Brogue Shoes

George Brogues
'Omg the shoes are simply amazing!! So beautiful and the colour is exactly how i wanted it. They look super cute on the girls.' Jessica

Childrens Brogues

George Green & White Brogues
'My little no.3 Santi loves loves his green brogues.' Jemma

Alfonso_TaupeAlfonso T-bar Shoes

Unisex Booties

Matthew Yellow and Turquoise Booties
'With new shoes!' Delia

Roman Childrens Sandals

Thomas Bespoke Green Sandals

Girls First Shoes

Maria Pink Shoes
Vevian's inspiration Maria Lopez.

Girls Summer Shoes

Cree Bespoke Pink Shoes
'Her favourite shoes!' Ivana

Zebra Childrens BootiesJamie Animal Print Booties

Silver Booties

Matthew Silver Booties
We love snow!!

Childrens Brogues

George Bronze Brogues
Actress Kal So-won from South Korea.

Metallic Childrens Shoes

Matthew Bespoke Blue Booties
'These booties stop traffic!' Mary

Childrens Unisex Shoes

Matthew Yellow Booties
'I am just writing to say thanks again, I just love those shoes.' Chynara

Jacob_PewterJacob Pewter Ankle Boots

Girls Red Shoes

Maria Red Patent Shoes
'Thanks so much, you know how much I love your shoes!!' Alison

Boys Green Shoes

Matthew Green Ankle Boots
'Gideon turns 2 today and the shoes are still fabulous!' Liberty

Childrens Neon Shoes

Maria Beige Shoes & Cree Bespoke Pink Shoes
Adorable twins on reality TV show in South Korea

Emily_Fuchsia_SuedeEmily Pink Suede Shoes

Childrens Brogue Shoes

George Silver Brogues
Rock climbing in her favourite shoes!

Yellow Childrens Shoes

Matthew Yellow Ankle Boots
'They are the softest shoes and so stylish. The colour is gorgeous and easy to mix with any outfit. The best part is the foot impressions inside the shoe, it's absolutely priceless and we are going to treasure the shoes forever.' Ivana

Girls Beige Shoes

Maria Beige Patent Shoes
Model looking beautiful in advert for Child by PetalsInk.