Top 30 British-Made Shoe Brands

A list was compiled of the top 30 British-made shoe brands, and we are a part of it!

Having our shoes made in Britain is a challenge, but we love being a part of the whole process and ensuring every pair of shoes is beautifully made and worthy of being treasured. Click here to see the full list.


Too Posh To Parent

Who doesn’t love watching documentaries and having a sneak peak into the lives of the wealthy. We hope you caught our founder and designer Vivienne Lopez serving one of our clients on Channel 4 ‘Too Posh To Parent’. You will see our personal service for parents and children designing their very own customised pair of shoes. We have found that children love being a part of the design process. They try on the samples, look through the leather swatches and choose what they like. They are kept updated on the progress of their shoes by receiving snapshots and videos from the factory. It also helps children see just how many people are involved in making a pair of shoes and appreciate the workmanship.

Here is a clip from the documentary Too Posh To Parent and if you would like to see the full documentary, here is the link.

Too Posh To Parent

If you would like to know more about our bespoke service, please email us at or visit our Bespoke page.

Filming with the Evening Standard

We love to see which wonderful London-based people and events that newspaper The Evening Standard cover, so we were delighted when they contacted us recently. They were keen to speak to Vevian founder Vivienne Lopez and to film our team making shoes at our factory in East London.

Vevian is the only company in the UK that uses a traditional method called ‘lasting’ to make children’s shoes, a skill that has been passed down within the hardworking team. The Evening Standard heard about this and were excited to see the workshop in action.

We had a wonderful day’s filming and were thrilled to be able to introduce the team to the readers of The Evening Standard. Also making a cameo is one of our loyal customers Phoebe, who now has three pairs of well-loved Vevian shoes. Her mother Zetta first saw the shoes in a school auction and swiftly became an advocate: “I like they are different and special… the design is very particular, not something you find just anywhere”.

Here is the link:



Accessories for Grown Ups

When London-based designer Vivienne Lopez was stumped for present ideas for her fabulous fashion-conscious sisters, she knew she could come up with something unique. As the founder and driving force behind beautiful children’s shoe brand Vevian, she decided to put her leatherwork skills to good use and created a beautiful handbag.

A business-owning mum of two, Vivienne knew it was important to create a handbag that would suit a busy lifestyle. Keeping size and ease of use in mind, she designed this particular accessory to tick all boxes: sizeable enough to carry all you need (even a couple of spare baby wipes!), a long strap that is versatile enough to be worn on the shoulder or cross-body, and most importantly beautiful enough that you’ll never want to take it off.

Vivienne’s sisters adored their new handbags and word started spreading; soon orders were pouring in from family as far away as Australia.

One thing led to another and from the original handbag, aptly named ‘sister’, a whole range was born; functional yet beautiful accessories to suit men and women.

Vevian Handbag

Image: Vivienne’s 4 younger sisters Mary, Najlah, Emily & Jessica

In Vevian’s inaugural ‘Grown Ups’ accessories collection you’ll find passport covers, handbags, wallets and cardholders. Adhering to the same high levels of quality as Vevian’s original range of handmade children’s shoes, all accessories are made in their London workshop from only the highest quality leather.

For a luxurious feel and a long-lasting product, the handbags are lined in the softest leather, with accessories lined with either printed leather or cotton. Accessories can be created with that bespoke touch, with custom chain lengths or leather embossing available for the passport and card holders.

Priced from £19 for a card wallet or holder, the whole range of Vevian accessories are ideal for a special gift or treat.

Blue Snakeskin Wallet       Taupe Passport Holder       Leather cross body bag

Click here to see our full range.

A Season for Celebrations

It’s that time of the year!

Spring is almost upon us: the season where many children will be celebrating a special occasion or attending a wedding.

To take the hassle out of choosing a beautiful outfit for them, we’ve put together a couple of outfits to suit any smart event. Complimented by Vevian shoes, our wide range of children’s footwear really is the perfect touch.

For the girls, you could match their christening gowns and flower girl dresses with our white, ivory or beige shoes. For something a little more colourful visit the Girls category to discover brights to make any little one feel dazzling.

For the boys we think the pale colours and black derby shoes look incredibly dapper with a pageboys suit. If he’ll be wearing something less formal, we’d recommend the t-bar shoes in taupe and blue and brogues in bronze and beige.

This spring, your kids will be the best dressed around!

1.George2.Maria 3.Alfonso

1. Laranjinha with George Beige & White Brogue shoes

2. Little Marc Jacobs with Maria Gold shoes

3. Tartine et Chocolat with Alfonso Light Blue T-Bar shoes



Children’s Catwalk Shoes

We loved collaborating with Julien Macdonald for London Fashion Week AW16. It was great to design and make the children’s bespoke shoes for the grand finale, which was hailed by the Telegraph as ‘Julien MacDonald wins best finale with a glittery bride and small children’. 

Julien Macdonald LFW AW16

This wonderful opportunity came about when the talented shoe designer Tengiz from Charkviani, who designed the women’s and men’s shoes for the show, learned that they were going to have a flowergirl and pageboy for the finale. Not being an expert in children’s shoes, he came to Vevian for our well-known bespoke design service.

We had just 6 working days to design from scratch and produce these completely bespoke shoes – a process that would take 3-4 weeks to complete. The saving grace was that our designer Vivienne lives locally to Julien Macdonald’s studio, which meant she could pop in and speak directly to Julien, which helped immensely.

Our designs needed to be not only high fashion and worthy of the catwalk, but also suitable for the children and comfortable for them to wear. We were asked to work with the same leathers as were used for the women’s and men’s shoes.

The leather used in the men’s shoes was very heavy – too heavy for children’s shoes – so Vivienne needed to think fast!  Her innovation was to split the heavy leather, so that it would be identical to the adult leathers but it would be much thinner and more flexible, and hence more comfortable, for the young model Toby.

Once Julien approved our designs, we had the patterns and the mock-ups made within 24 hours to try on the models. Thankfully the mock-ups looked perfect with the outfits!  We only needed to adjust the straps slightly to make them the perfect fit.  Our team then worked around the clock to make the final shoes to deliver in time for the show. Having the children as a key part of the show really surprised the audience and brought a warm smile to everyone’s face.

We want to thank the team at Julien Macdonald for giving us this amazing opportunity and for being so wonderful to work with, especially Julien himself who was always so positive despite the pressure of the upcoming show.

Congratulations to Julien on yet another fantastic collection and LFW show!

Click here to see the grand finale  Video


If you’d like to create your own bespoke children’s shoes, call us on +44 (0)7783 975 155 to talk to our designer Vivienne about your design.  Read more about our bespoke service and the process here.

Our prices start from £149.

Bespoke Colours

We have been doing a lot of bespoke colours for children’s shoes and this one we recently made was a huge hit when the little boy travelled to India and wore them with his Indian clothes. If you like our styles but need it in a particular colour, get in contact with us at to discuss your requirments and receive free swatches with no obligation.


Bags, Bags, Bags

I have always wanted to make beautiful practical bags from supple leathers in great colours. After a trip to Australia where I needed gifts for my 4 sisters, I decided to use some leathers I had to start creating and they have been a hit. The owner Gayle from Carry Me Home (Carnaby Street London) saw them and asked if she could have a few for her boutique and they are proving to be a hit there as well. Now we are thinking of introducing a Mums page on our website, watch this space!

Cross Body Bags

Cross Body Handbags


Designing Perfect Shoes for Pageboys

When my sister was getting married I was given the task to design bespoke shoes for the pageboys that would be a colour of the parents choice and compliment their suits and each other. Being at the wedding and seeing the shoes in action all day and night reaffirmed all I have worked very hard for. The boys spent all day in the shoes standing, sitting, dancing and playing and the shoes did their job in looking good, being comfortable and worthy of being treasured.

thumb_IMG_0376_1024 gallery002 thumb_IMG_0423_1024




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