All of our shoes are handmade in the UK and we are delighted to accept commissions from our customers.
Please feel free to get in touch with us to discuss whatever bespoke design you have in mind.
We work with a huge array of leathers and designs and can create the perfect shoe for special occasions and outfits.
We also produce vegan footwear that is made without any animal products.

Whether it’s adding a unique detail to customise a shoe or working on something completely unique our made to measure service lets you take control.


To order your bespoke shoes, please email our designer Vevian at

The first consultation is carried out prior to ordering, free of charge, and with no obligation to purchase. The meeting can take place at the factory in East London, in your home where you will need to cover the cost of our transport or over the phone.


Measure both feet as they may vary in size and we advise to fit shoes to the larger foot. We suggest you add no more than 1.5cm for growing room. For a narrower foot only add 0.8cm for growing room.

To measure the length place a piece of paper on a hard flat surface and have your child stand on it.

LongestToe  Mark the longest toe.

Heel  Mark the back of the heel.

Length  Measure the distance between the two marks on the paper for the length.

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